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SLO Water Plus Advances Sustainable Water Solutions

The San Luis Obispo Water Resource Recovery Facility (SLO WRRF) has served as an emblem of sustainable water management for nearly 100 years. After a decade-long effort by the City, partner agencies and residents, a facility upgrade — called SLO Water Plus — is now underway.

Upgrades Support Comprehensive Resource Recovery

SLO Water Plus improves the WRRF’s ability to recover resources traditionally classified as waste. The upgrade will improve the plant’s efficiency while helping reduce our dependency on reservoir and groundwater supplies long into the future. It will deliver significant long-term benefits to water quality, the environment, resilience and community education.


The upgrade will provide significant long-term environmental, water quality, resilience and community benefits

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Advanced purification technology will deliver a higher quality water supply that’s adaptable for future uses.

A cleaner water supply will improve the health of our waterways, groundwater and habitat.

Enhanced protection of facility equipment and improved resilience will help the facility stay operational during natural disasters.

The upgrade incorporates sustainable solutions, cutting-edge technologies, odor and noise reduction, and a continued commitment to community education.

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