The upgrade will provide significant long-term water quality, environmental, resilience and community benefits


Cleaner Water in Our Community


  • Higher-quality water discharged to San Luis Obispo Creek.

  • An estimated 80% reduction in chemicals used in treatment.

  • Reduced salt in local groundwater basin, waterways and recycled water.

  • Increased on-site biogas production may offset facility’s energy demand.


Cutting-Edge Water Purification


  • Innovative membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment will produce a higher-quality effluent.

  • New advanced treatment technology will occupy less space and use fewer chemicals.

  • Sets the stage for more adaptable water reuse solutions in the future.


Protection for Our Community and Water


  • Enhanced protection against flood and natural disasters.

  • Ability to maintain operations during extreme wet weather and storm events.

  • Enhanced fire and earthquake protection.


Continued Legacy of Community Education and Partnership


  • Enhanced community education will share the City’s water story and its use of innovative treatment technologies.

  • Local business opportunities and partnerships during construction and operation.

  • Expanded education partnerships will continue research and provide training of staff and the next generation of clean water leaders.

  • Improved odor control for our neighbors.


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