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City Celebrates Successful Start-Up of New Treatment Process

The SLO Water Plus Project reached an important milestone in June with the successful start-up of the new membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. The MBR and UV systems are central to the new treatment process that will improve the quality of recycled water used throughout the city and water discharged to San Luis Obispo Creek. This achievement is the culmination of nearly four years of construction, over 260,000 labor hours, and the hard work and partnership of the entire project team.

“With completion of this major milestone, staff have observed a significant improvement in the quality of water discharged to the San Luis Obispo creek and delivered across town as recycled water for irrigation. This affirms the City’s planning decisions, which began nearly a decade ago, are still sound and compliant with the triple bottom line philosophy of environmental, fiscal and social responsibility,” said Chris Lehman, the Deputy Director of Wastewater in the City’s Utilities Department.

The SLO Water Plus Project is the most significant upgrade to the Water Resource Recovery Facility in its 90+ year history. Once completed, the project will provide significant long-term water quality, environmental, resilience, and community benefits.

Construction of the remaining facility improvements continues with significant construction scheduled through the end of this year, and short-term impacts to the community are expected to include increased odors as equipment is taken out of service and permanent odor control facilities are constructed.


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