Farmer’s Market Community Open House

The WRRF Community Open House was held on March 19, 2015 at the San Luis Obispo downtown Farmer’s Market. The WRRF Project showed its colors at the City of San Luis Obispo’s famous Thursday Night Farmer’s Market.  The community turned out in great numbers and with keen interest in the project.

Farmer’s Market goer enjoys microscopic discovery

The goal of the Open House was to update the community on the WRRF Project and the team’s progress in developing the Facilities Plan. There were six stations at the Open House. Approximately 200 people stopped by one or more of the stations at the Open House. The feedback from the community was generally positive. The public was interested in learning what the WRRF does and how it will be improved through this project. The public was especially interested in the renderings of the future Water Resource Center and surrounding public amenities, as well as the high water quality of the effluent – the eyes of both kids and adults lit up when they saw the clarity of the water going out of the WRRF. A few people expressed their desire to keep rates low and for the City to consider accepting fats, oils and greases (FOG) at the WRRF.

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