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Innovative Technologies Improve Water Resiliency

Water resiliency is top of mind as more than 80% of California is experiencing extreme drought conditions and the uncertainties of climate change. For water utilities, resiliency means being able to continue providing safe and reliable water supplies when systems are challenged by water-related risks like aging infrastructure and climate change. Water resiliency also includes adapting systems to overcome these challenges long-term. The City’s largest capital investment to date–the SLO Water Plus Project–will enhance the resiliency of the City’s water and wastewater systems by investing in adaptable infrastructure that improves water recycling capabilities at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and prepares the City for the possibility of potable reuse in the future.

SLO Water Plus will expand the wastewater treatment capacity of the WRRF and allow the facility to produce a more consistent supply of recycled water for use throughout the City. By using recycled water for irrigation and construction (e.g., dust control, soil conditioning, etc.), the City conserves drinking water that would otherwise be used for these purposes. As the City grows, the expanded plant capacity will accommodate increased recycled water production for non-potable use.

The advanced treatment technologies being constructed as a part of the project will also improve the quality of recycled water produced by the plant, as well as treated water discharged to San Luis Obispo Creek, benefiting the greater San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed. These new technologies are key components in potable reuse treatment processes, which will ease implementation of future potable reuse at the WRRF. By building these improvements, the City can do more with the water we already have and reduce our dependence on surface water supplies, offering adaptability during these unprecedented times.

Construction on the innovative and forward-thinking SLO Water Plus Project continues. To stay informed of project progress, subscribe for project email alerts.


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