Let’s Talk Value Engineering

Pictured above from the first round of Value Engineering: from left to right, David Pivetti (sitting), Greg Sindt (standing), John Calton (sitting) and Paul Cockrell (sitting).

On August 5th, the WRRF Project Team will receive the Preliminary Design Report (PDR) & Drawings from the Design Engineers that will basically take the WRRF Project to 30% design. The Team will have a couple of weeks to review the document and discuss the contents of the PDR.

Before we can move onto 60% design, the plan is for the completed 30% design to go through two different processes in parallel:

  • Value Engineering (VE): A team of experts in different fields will look through the PDR & Drawings and see if there is anything in the design that could make the WRRF Project better. Note, the experts will have no clue about the WRRF Project before they receive the documents and will gather an understanding of the WRRF Project through the 30% design documents. This is planned this way to remove bias toward the WRRF Project and provide a fresh perspective on the Project from experts in the wastewater field.

  • Constructability Review (CR): At the same time the VE is taking place, a different team of experts will look at the 30% design documents to see how well the design can be translated into reality. They will be looking at different parts of the Project design and asking themselves, can you built it the way it is drawn here? This is important because it will help identify any major flaws that could turn into changes in construction down the line.

Onto 60% design!

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