Pardon the Noise and Dust


The City announces an upcoming noise and dust disruption associated with the Water Resource Recovery Facility upgrade project at 35 Prado Road.

During the months of March and April 2020, project contractors will be crushing rock from the site to recycle into materials for the new facility. This rock has served its function in a treatment process that dates back to the early 1940’s, and will continue to provide value as aggregate in the new facility. The reuse of these materials eliminates the need for disposal, keeps additional delivery trucks off the road, and reduces project cost.

The Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) is undergoing a 3.5 year major construction project known as SLO Water Plus. SLO Water Plus will address aging infrastructure to improve the WRRF’s ability to recover resources traditionally classified as waste. The upgrade will improve the plant’s efficiency while helping reduce our dependency on reservoir and groundwater supplies long into the future. Further it will improve noise and odor impacts to the community and will deliver significant long-term benefits to water quality, the environment, resiliency and community education.​

The project team has put in place measures for noise suppression and dust control. However, if you have any concerns, please contact the WRRF Supervisor Chris Lehman at 805-431-4372.